Seamless integration across all digital media channels

Formo graphico is a video production agency who make videos that help your business and brand to succeed. As a corporate video production agency our objective is to give output very high quality, video content that further your marketing strategy and documents your business growth in a unique, story telling format ….. At formo graphico , we understand that each project, that we undertake, just like every client, we engage with is unique and different, we pride ourselves on the high standards, we set for ourselves in every project we work


We measure success and report back to you in various ways. Depending on your personal preferences.


  • Workshops
  • User journey mapping
  • Customer assessments
  • Analytics / statistical assessment


  • Highly engaged user reviews
  • Collection of Customer feedback
  • Customer assessments
  • Reactive to market changes.

What clients say about us

We live in the space where design and technology meet. This allows us to take our creativity to new levels and deliver amazing.

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